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Briquettes Plant India Briquettes Plant India
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Briquettes Plant India Briquettes Plant India
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Briquetting Plant in India
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Briquetting Plant Manufacturer

Non Conventional Energy

Green Energy


Briquetting Machine at a Glance

Biomass Plant - is simply the process to converting Agro waste, Forestry waste and industrial waste into biomass Briquettes / Bio-coal. The Biomass Briquetting is the best renewable energy for healthy environment and economy. It’s a completely Eco-friendly green energy project.

This renewable energy project is ideal for the agricultural based countries like India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Australia, African countries and Europe as there are a huge availability of agro forestry waste. It is the best project to generate revenue from agro forestry waste, save the global environment and to produce green energy.

Briquetting Machine Briquetting Machine
Briquetting Machine Briquetting Machine



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