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Briquettes Plant India Briquettes Plant India
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Briquettes Plant India Briquettes Plant India
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Briquetting Plant in India
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What is Briquetting Plant ?

Briquette machine is mainly used to mould coal briquette through agriculture waste. Basically this is technology to convert all types of agriculture, forestry and industrial waste into solid blocks (Briquettes / Bio-Coal / White Coal / Solid Fuel). These bio-coals are substitute of wood, coal and fuel for generating heat (Energy). Briquettes are mainly used in Industry, Factory and Mills.

Briquettes are used for energy generation and helping farmers to earn money from his agriculture waste.

Benefits of Briquetting Plant

Energy is the main requirement of development of every country. The demand of energy is increasing and supply sources are limited so there is building a huge gap between the demand and supply of energy.

While it is red alert for fossil fuels like Petrol, Kerosene, Furnace Oil, LDO, Natural Gas, LPG, Lignite, Coal etc. Thus renewable and non-conventional energy is the only solution, among the non-conventional sources of energy. , the use of the energy potential in agricultural wastes shows good promise.

Briquetting is the process of densification of biomass to produce homogeneous, uniformly sized solid pieces of high bulk density which can be conveniently used as a fuel.

Wood is a natural product which highly compacted as a briquette almost takes on the burning behavior of coal. Owning to their great density wood briquettes has a higher calorific value than the same quantity of firewood. It used instead of coal or wood in domestic solid fuel stoves as well as in industrial furnaces.





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