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Briquettes Plant India Briquettes Plant India
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Briquettes Plant India Briquettes Plant India
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Briquetting Plant in India
As it provides affordable person-alized Briquetting Press Machines
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Briquetting Plant Manufacturer

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We are leading manufacturer and exporters of Biomass Briquetting Plant at Sriganganagar in Rajasthan, India. Our Briquetting Machines are exceptionally strong and low maintenance. Our plant rates are very reasonable compare to others.

This plant is simple and compact and can be setup almost anywhere. The machines are designed to run 24 hours a day and, if the material to be briquette is fed automatically into the hopper, then no operating personnel are required.

Our Briquetting Machine is strong and robust. We delivered fully assembled and ready for immediate connection. It has reliability and longevity associated with hydraulic machines. Our machine produce high quality evenly shaped briquettes in a unique closed end die system. The hydraulic system is controlled by a P.I.C. (programmable logic controller) which keeps all the rams in the correct sequence and optimizes the motor power by operating a sequence of valves to reduce the oil flow as the pressure increases on each cycle.

Our qualified and experienced engineers test every part before assembled in the machine and quality control department take final test before deliver it to party.



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